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List of Top 10 Netflix Original Movies

It is no doubt that Netflix has a huge array of movie collection that includes Rom-Com to Action Thriller. But the streaming giant decided to test its luck with Original movies to attract even more customers who are always looking for something new. Maybe that tactics have paid off as Netflix released a list of its most-viewed Original Movies. Netflix counts a view if the content is watched for at least two minutes, making sure that the choice was intentional. So without further ado, check out the list of top Netflix Original movies and find out whether you watched them all or not!

10. The Perfect Date (2019) – 48 Million Views

Description: A high school student creates an app to offer his services as a fake date to make money for college. When he develops feelings for someone, his plan gets complicated.

Cast: Noah Centineo, Laura Marano, Odiseas Georgiadis

9. The Platform (2020) – 56 Million Views

Description: A vertical prison with one cell per level. Two people per cell. One only food platform and two minutes per day to feed from up to down. An endless nightmare trapped in The Hole.

Cast: Ivan Massagué, Zorion Eguileor, Antonia San Juan

8. The Wrong Missy (2020) – 59 Million Views

Description: Tim thinks he’s invited the woman of his dreams on a work retreat to Hawaii, realizing too late he mistakenly texted someone from a nightmare blind date.

Cast: David Spade, Lauren Lapkus, Nick Swardson

7. Triple Frontier (2019) – 53 Million Views

Description: Loyalties are tested when five friends and former special forces operatives reunite to take down a South American drug lord, unleashing a chain of unintended consequences.

Cast: Ben Affleck, Oscar Isaac, Charlie Hunnam

6. The Irishman (2019) – 64 Million Views

Description: In the 1950s, truck driver Frank Sheeran gets involved with Russell Bufalino and his Pennsylvania crime family. As Sheeran climbs the ranks to become a top hit man, he also goes to work for Jimmy Hoffa — a powerful Teamster tied to organized crime.

Cast: Robert De Niro, Al Pacino, Joe Pesci

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5. Murder Mystery (2019) – 73 Million Views

Description: A New York cop and his wife go on a European vacation to reinvigorate the spark in their marriage, but end up getting framed and on the run for the death of an elderly billionaire.

Cast: Adam Sandler, Jennifer Aniston, Luke Evans

4. 6 Underground (2019) – 83 Million Views

Description: Six individuals from all around the globe, each the very best at what they do, have been chosen not only for their skill but for a unique desire to delete their pasts to change the future.

Cast: Ryan Reynolds, Mélanie Laurent, Manuel Garcia-Rulfo

3. Spenser Confidential (2020) – 85 Million Views

Description: When two Boston police officers are murdered, ex-cop Spenser teams up with his no-nonsense roommate, Hawk, to take down criminals.

Cast: Mark Wahlberg, Winston Duke, Alan Arkin

2. Bird Box (2018) – 89 Million Views

Description: When a mysterious force decimates the population, only one thing is certain – if you see it, you die. The survivors must now avoid coming face to face with an entity that takes the form of their worst fears. Searching for hope and a new beginning, a woman and her children embark on a dangerous journey through the woods and down a river to find the one place that may offer sanctuary. To make it, they’ll have to cover their eyes from the evil that chases them – and complete the trip blindfolded.

Cast: Sandra Bullock, Trevante Rhodes, John Malkovich

1. Extraction (2020) – 90 Million Views

Description: Tyler Rake, a fearless black market mercenary, embarks on the most deadly extraction of his career when he’s enlisted to rescue the kidnapped son of an imprisoned international crime lord.

Cast: Chris Hemsworth, Bryon Lerum, Ryder Lerum

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