SDCC 2020: The Dragon Prince Continues

Hooray for The Dragon Prince fans as the SDCC 2020 gave out amazing news.

Every year thousands of fans march down to attend San Diego Comic-Con to meet their favorite actors and get the latest updates about upcoming movies, TV Shows, and games. Unfortunately, this year’s SDCC was canceled due to Covid-19 that stopped the entire world from functioning properly. Not wanting to disappoint the fans, SDCC 2020 decided to go online with pre-recorded panels rather free than on-demand. SDCC 2020 starts from July 22 to July 26, 2020.

After the end of Season 3, fans have been skeptical about the show as Netflix kept quiet about the further seasons. But now the fans can sigh in relief as the co-creator Aron Ehasz revealed to cast during SDCC 2020 video panel that Netflix has picked up the entire saga of The Dragon Prince. This news not only made fans jump in joy but the voice actors and co-creators as well.

The Dragon Prince

The Dragon Prince takes place in a magical fantasy called Xadia where two human princes and an elven assassin travel across the continent to return the stolen Dragon egg to stop their warring nations. Throughout the course of three seasons, the team encountered various adventures and ended with returning the Dragon Prince to his mother after a huge battle. Now we can see what is the next course of action as the main plot came to an end.

Though a confirmed released date is not announced, the fans can sleep tonight peacefully knowing that we are going to see the entire saga play out!!

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